So This Lion-Tailed Monkey Is A Brotherly Friend Of Mine; Suresh Gopi Reacts To The Trolls He Faced On Internet

Actor Suresh Gopi reacts to the trolls he faced on internet.

By Xappie Desk, August 05, 2022 13:34 IST

Gokul Suresh replied to the troll asking what the difference between the lion monkey and Suresh Gopi was by putting together pictures of the lion monkey and Suresh Gopi, 'Your father is on the left and mine on the right.'
In an interview with Popper Stop Malayalam Channel, Suresh Gopi explains what his reaction would have been if he had seen the troll before Gokul. “I have never seen a post like this with a picture of a lion-tailed monkey. I saw it when Gokul's comment came. If I saw it, I would say it was my favourite animal or a divine birth. There are SFI members of the Department of Zoology at Fatima College, Kollam, who protested against the Silent Valley Project. I was its leader. The full technical support I got was from our friend called Fizzy. He was a naxalite, not an SFI memeber. He has been in many cases. But calm. Faisi was the first disciple of Dr. Salim Ali. It is Faisi that teaches us the necessity of this.
Scientific literature gives us the ingredients we need. I put a notice for that on the notice board of the zoology department. I became Secretary of the Zoology Department. I moved away from it and won against the party, and I am the one who raised my voice against the dagger politics of the party and led that struggle. It was to protect the lion. I wrote a letter to Indira Gandhi that day and got a reply. I called for Silent Valley to be made a national park. I am writing this in 1979. At the end of 1982, Indira Gandhi declared Silent Valley as a National Park.
So this lion-tailed monkey is a brotherly friend of mine;” Suresh Gopi said. 'If you ask me what the difference is between the lion-headed monkey and me, I am born to my father and mother, it is brother, who was not born to my mother;” said Suresh Gopi.

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