“Some People Write Reviews Even Before The End Of The Movie;” Says Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier asks the audience to watch the film Meri Awas Suno without any prejudices.

By Abdul Azeez, May 13, 2022 19:02 IST

Manju Warrier and Jayasurya's co-starrer Meri Awas Suno was released today. Prajesh Sen directed and wrote the script for the film. On the occasion of the release, Manju Warrier asks everyone to watch the film without any prejudices.
Actress Sivada is also playing a lead role in the film. This is Prajesh Sen's and Jayasurya's third collaboration after Captain and Vellam. Jayasurya will play the role of Shankar, a radio jockey. Manju arrives in the role of a doctor.
Manju Warrier says that while watching a movie, one should go with an empty mind. She added that it should be without any big thoughts and should not go to see a movie to find fault.
“When I see Meri Awas Suno, I have to say that I have to go with an empty mind without any big thoughts. That is, do not go to the cinema with a preconceived notion about what is to blame for this. Only then can we watch that movie with a novelty;” said Manju.
Manju also said that the audience has started losing interest in enjoying the film sincerely. “My opinion is that all movies should be seen that way. It used to be that way. I want people to have that comfort again;” Manju Warrier added.
She also added that people should try to enjoy films than criticize them. “I have a feeling that the current audience is starting to lose or lose the mindset to enjoy a movie sincerely. It seems to me now that there are a lot of people who watch movies with the thought of what Facebook posts to write about it. Some people write reviews even before the end of the movie; ”Manju Warrier added.
The film also stars Johnny Antony, Gautami Nair, Sudhir Karamana, and Mithun AE. B. Rakesh produced the film Meri Awas Suno. The film was released in theaters on May 13 and has gained positive reviews.

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