Sumeet Vyas shares his experience through the journey of Permanent Roommates and its success

Permanent Roommates starring Sumeet Vyas set a precedence for future Web series on various platforms.

By Apoorv Shandilya, May 20, 2020 19:02 IST

The internet is now flooded with all sorts of shows and content for people to view. However even until a few years ago, there was a dearth in the content created for platforms like YouTube. TVF's Permanent Roommates became one of the first highly successful shows on YouTube. Sumeet Vyas the star of the web series has now shared his own experience of experiment with a new form of storytelling. He spoke about using a completely new platform. He said, 'It was just that I wanted to try a new avenue. There was no concept of Web series in India. People were mainly doing spoof videos on YouTube. No one was doing a proper show.'
Sumeet Vyas was last seen in Bhutiyagiri. Talking about a new genre in his career Vyas said, 'It was the writer's idea to take this route. For a month we kept on going through the script. It's a very thin line when you're doing horror-comedy. Unless the horror works, the comedy will not work. If people are not getting scared with the horror part, they won't find it funny when we are doing comedy.”
Meanwhile, on the personal front Vyas is expecting a child with his wife Ekta Kaul soon. He said that the current lockdown has become a blessing in disguise. He said, 'Ideally, this could have been a time when I would have wanted to pamper her, take her out on a date and do all those things. But, I am glad I am able to spend time with her.

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