Suresh Babu disliked Krishna and His Leela but Rana Daggubati convinced him to do the film

Suresh Babu Daggubati did not like Krishna and His Leela but the film became a big hit as Rana Daggubati hoped.

By Manoj Kumar, July 02, 2020 12:02 IST

Krishna And His Leela is the new Telugu film on digital platforms. The film is streaming on Netflix. The film is also going to be available on Aha very soon. Meanwhile, the interesting buzz is that the movie did not impress Suresh Babu Daggubati and his wife. Rana Daggubati convinced them and he went ahead with the production of the film.
Suresh Babu, in his recent interview, opened up on the same. Suresh Babu told that he did not like the film, especially the concept of the hero, being in a relationship with two girls at a time. He added that his wife also told objections and asked not to do the film. Suresh Babu too gave up on the same but Rana convinced them.
Rana told that the youth of the current generation will find a connection with the film. He gave examples of his friends who do the same. Rana told them that the film will become a hit if they present it in a meaningful manner. That's how he convinced his parents and he went ahead with the production.
Ravikanth Perepu directed the movie and the film has become a big hit at the box-office now and it streams on Netflix.

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