Suriya Pulls Out Of Director Bala's Film 'Vanangaan.'

While the team initially denied the reports, director Bala has now clarified that Suriya has opted out of the film.

By Vignesh K, December 05, 2022 13:47 IST

Vanangaan, directed by Bala, was one of actor Suriya's most eagerly anticipated movies. The movie was making poor progress when Suriya revealed his reunion with Bala earlier in January. While there had been rumors that the film had been shelved previously because Suriya and Bala had creative disagreements.
Although the cast and crew originally refuted the rumors, director Bala has since made it clear that Suriya has chosen not to participate in the movie. Despite his desire to direct Suriya in 'Vanangaan,' director Bala stated in a press release that he now questions whether Suriya would be a good fit for the movie given the few changes made to the plot.
He continued by saying that Suriya entered the project with complete faith in the plot and that it is his duty to ensure that Suriya is not placed in a precarious situation. As a result, Suriya and director Bala have decided that Suriya should drop out of the project. He continued by saying that he and Suriya would embark on another project together and that he would keep working on 'Vanangaan.'
Suriya is supposed to play a hearing and speech-impaired character in the movie, which also stars Mamitha Baiju as his sister and Krithi Shetty as his love interest. Fans eagerly anticipated the return of Suriya and Bala's magic with 'Vanangaan,' as they previously worked together on cult classic movies like 'Nandha' and 'Pithamagan.' However, we will have to wait until the two work together again.

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