The Best Husband In The World; Amrita Suresh's Photo Goes Viral.

A new photo shared by singer Amrita Suresh is going viral on social media.

By Xappie Desk, February 08, 2023 23:12 IST

Amrita Suresh is well-known to Malayalees as a singer and presenter. Amrita, who started her career with Idea Star Singer, is now moving forward with albums and stage shows. Recently, Amrita got married to music director Gopi Sundar. Later, Amrita shared videos and photos of the two together on social media, and they got attention. Now the new photo shared by Amrita is getting attention.
Amrita shared a photo with Gopi Sundar. Amrita captioned the photo, 'To the best Husband in the world, I love You.' Many people later arrived with comments. There were sarcastic comments in this group. Then the comment box was turned off.
Gopi Sundar came to Dubai to meet Amrita, who went to Dubai for a show. Later, both of them explored Dubai together. Its videos and pictures are going viral on social media.
Amrita's photo with Gopi Sundar was released in May 2022. The caption for that photo was written as 'Time and wind have crossed the coal line of experiences in the mind about past hearts and new ways.' After that, there were rumours that the two were getting together. And criticism. Finally, Amrita and Gopi Sundar got married.
Recently, Amrita came out against bad comments. Amrita was informed that all the comments had been collected, the profiles of their owners would be brought to the attention of the police, and an investigation and action would be demanded.

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