The Big Bull: Abhishek Bachchan talks about playing the role of Harshad Mehta in the film

Abhishek Bachchan says his role as Harshad Mehta in The Big Bull is inspiring yet shown as flawed; Read on

By Saumya Bansal, March 30, 2021 12:26 IST

Abhishek Bachchan is all set to unwind the next chapter in his life with his pivotal role in The Big Bull. Since it's produced by his dear friend Ajay Devgn, Abhishek recalls how he got the contract. 'He (Ajay) calls me only when he knows something is special. He is like an elder brother. Out of my love and respect for him, it’ll be a blind yes.'
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Adding further, Abhishek said, 'Ajay never accepts a blind yes. Kookie and Arjun (Writer) came over for narration and they walked me through the graph. It was intriguing because it was set in economically turbulent times. This is the triumphant story of that one man who wanted to make a difference. That attracted me to The Big Bull and the story developed thereon. Kookie’s vision was clear about the journey of a man with big dreams in his eyes, being sure that this is an emotional journey for the audience rather than getting trapped in the technicalities of the story itself. The basic DNA of the script was very clear.”
While the role of Harshad Mehta is powerful and heroic, it is yet a moral duty to show him in the bad light for the scam he committed. Making sure of it, Abhishek said, 'I was clear in my initial discussions that if he is aspirational, he has to be shown as a flawed man. If everything about him was to be heroic, he’d be unidimensional. He has human frailties and I like the fact that he slips. He is so taken in by the world he has helped create. We have come of age as an audience. We want our heroes to be real and flawed.' The Big Bull will release on 8th April on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

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