The First Malayalam Actress PK Rosy Is Honoured With a Google Doodle On Her 120th Birth Anniversary

The first Indian actress to appear in Malayalam cinema, PK Rosy (born 1928), appeared in only one movie, Vihathakumaran.

By Xappie Desk, February 10, 2023 18:55 IST

The first Indian actress to appear in a Malayalam film is PK Rosy. She was also known by the stage names Rajamma and Rosamma. As the first actress in Mollywood, she paved the way for others to succeed and made history. Google honoured Rosy on the occasion of her 120th birthday in order to respect her.
PK Rosy, who was from Thiruvananthapuram, had a passion for acting, music, and the arts. She made her acting debut in 1928 in the Malayalam film Vihathakumaran. This was helmed by Daniel, the father of Malayalam cinema. Being a member of the Pulaya community, she experienced tremendous criticism from the upper caste. She portrayed Sarojini, a Nair woman in the movie. The pulaya falls under the category of scheduled caste. In addition, Rosy had to deal with criticism over a scene in which the lead male kissed a flower on her head. Audiences reportedly threw objects at the screen as the scene was playing.
Rosy shone like a bright light despite all the criticism as she broke down many barriers, particularly in the performing arts, which were not supported by women at the time. She reportedly fled Tamil Nadu on a lorry due to violent retaliation. She married the lorry driver afterward. PK Rosy is believed to have died in 1988 at the age of 85.
Currently, the Malayalam film industry is well renowned for actresses like Sobhana, Revathi, Sumalatha, Manju Warrier, Nayanthara, and others. Currently, the Mollywood business is renowned for offering the best content and showcasing the top actors.

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