The man behind the Maharshi’s over budget

By Aravind Peesapati, May 05, 2019 12:41 IST

The man behind the Maharshi’s over budget
Mahesh Babu is all set for the release of the most anticipated film ‘Maharshi’. The trailer released in the pre-released has received a good response from the cinephiles. It has hinted us with the storyline, which showed Mahesh in three different avatars. It was also made obvious that the movie was made on lavish sets and foreign locations that took the movie budgets high.
Rumour mills are abuzz that Super Star is behind this high budget as he suggested the makers to bankroll the movie on an extravagant note. But few others biggies in the film industry has rubbished these rumours as Mahesh is always prompt to the shootings and is a disciplined actor, he was never the cause for the additional costs of his films. As per the information from the closed circles, filmmaker Vamshi Paidipally is responsible for the overall budget of ‘Maharshi’.
Erection of effusive big sets to choosing different locations and extending the working days, director Vamshi has planned everything. Rumours were also rife that Vamshi took a lot of time on the script which increased the pre-production costs. However, working more on the script didn’t reduce the overall budget. With respect to the distribution rights, film critics opined that Vamshi might have brought down the making costs of the film without affecting the quality and understand producer's concerns.
All said and done, ‘Maharshi’ will hit the screens on May 9th and hope Mahesh and his team will fetch a tremendous success.

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