“Then I realized what she said was right;” Actor Saiju Kurup Talks About His Wife Being Critical About His Work.

Actor Saiju Kurup talks about his wife being critical about his work.

By Abdul Azeez, June 22, 2022 14:26 IST

Saiju Kurup is one of the favorite actors of the Malayalam audience. He made his film debut in Mayukham in 2005 and later went on to star, comedian and character actor in a number of films.
In an interview, Saiju Kurup talks about his wife Anupama's comments on his film career. The actor was responding to a question from the presenter about how helpful it was to hear his wife say that she was most critical of his characters.
'I was angry at first. Because I thought I was a terrific performer. When my wife and I sit down to watch each and every movie, I think my wife will tell me that I did very well. Then my wife will say, what has Saiju done? Saiju has chosen this as a career, can’t you do some homework. Then I will get angry. Because I think I did it so beautifully. But then I realized what she said was right. So I started accepting it. I was able to accept it five or six years after the marriage;”said Saiju Kurup.
In the interview, Saiju talks about opening an 'office' for the film and writing the screenplay when there were no movies. “I wrote two screenplays. Amateur screenplays. There are a lot of problems with that. You have to do something cinematic when there is no movie. My wife has a house in Panampally Nagar. Inside, I turned a room into my office. I had no movies. I put it in the office for listening and discussing the story. But no one is coming. Discussion does not take place and listening to the story does not take place. No one comes there to tell the story. I get out of the house in the morning, go to the office, sit there and write something. Thus began the writing. It seems to me that as we write, we are traveling through the moods of all those characters;”he added.
Saiju's latest release is Prakashan Parakkatte, directed by Shahad and scripted by Dhyan Srinivasan.

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