There Are Three Or Four Things That Make It Difficult For Me To Act; Vineeth Sreenivasan Opens Up.

Vineeth Sreenivasan talks about the acting and a few of its facets that are tough to master.

By Xappie Desk, December 07, 2022 21:06 IST

Vineeth Srinivasan talks about the scenes in which he cannot act. Vineeth says openly that when such scenes come up, he asks to change them. Vineeth says that he will not act in intimate scenes.
'There are three or four things that make it difficult for me to act. One, I have never smoked a cigarette. So smoking cigarettes on a screen is very difficult. In the films I have done so far, that scene has been changed by telling the directors,' said Vineeth.
'I also avoided the scene where the character smokes a cigarette in Tanneermathan. And it's difficult for me to do dance, fight, and intimate scenes,' says Vineeth in an interview with the media.
Meanwhile, the actor is also talking about the movie 'Mukundanunni Associates.' Mukundanunni Associates' climax was tense as we waited to see how people would react. This movie should have happened earlier. And after the release of 'Rorschach,' confidence came in the case of Mukundanunni Associates,' Vineeth added.
Vineeth Srinivasan says that he told director Abhinav that if Rorschach runs, people will accept Mukundanunni as well. Mukundanunni Associates was released on November 11. The film received a good response from audience.
Vineeth Sreenivasan was last seen in the film Mukundan Unni Associates. The film received a great response from the audience. Vineeth received much appreciation for his role as Advocate Mukundan Unni.

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