Thor: Love and Thunder: Director Taika Waititi shares new insight into Thor's fourth standalone film

Thor: Love and Thunder will see Chris Hemsworth retain his role as Thor and is set for a 2021 release.

By Apoorv Shandilya, December 17, 2019 17:13 IST

There isn't much known about films that Marvel has planned beyond its next few months. Other than the occasional announcement Kevin Feige has kept everything shrouded under a veil. However, this hasn't kept director Taika Waititi from sharing some insight into the world of Thor.
Waititi previously directed Thor: Ragnarok which is easily the best Thor film. With his return for the fourth installment, Thor: Love and Thunder, he promises a triumphant return for the god of thunder into the Marvel cinematic universe.
Speaking about the film, Waititi said, 'we’re sort of launching ourselves again on this adventure film, really. That was the thing really that I loved about doing Ragnarok, it felt like we were just putting Thor on a really cool adventure. There’s always like new things to see and do, and this one, I think we’re gonna double down a lot on that and have it bigger, bolder and brighter. There’s just gonna be some really crazy stuff in the film.'
Natalie Portman will also return in the film as Jane Foster and will wield the hammer of Thor and become worthy. The film is set for 2021 release.

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