Vivekh in critical condition after heart attack

Comedy actor Vivekh suffered a massive heart attck on April 16 and is currently in critical condition.

By Xappie Desk, April 16, 2021 17:41 IST

Actor Vivekh, who is known for his comedy roles and philanthropic activities, suffered a massive heart attack on April 16. This morning, when he was speaking to his family members, he felt a sharp pain and was rushed to the hospital in Chennai. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and was given first aid. However, his health deteriorated and he is currently on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) support. The entire Tamil industry is in shock as Vivekh took the Covid-19 vaccine on April 15 and looked perfectly healthy. He also urged eligible people to get vaccinated.
Khushbu took to Twitter to send her good wishes to Vivekh and family. She wrote,

One of the finest humans I have ever met is @Actor_Vivek . His news of being hospitalized after a massive attack is shocking n jolting. I am very sure he will be fine and back with us very soon. Wishing him a very speedy recovery. Get well soon Ji.

— KhushbuSundar (@khushsundar) April 16, 2021

Please do not link #Vivek getting vaccinated yesterday and having an attack today. It has nothing to do with each other. Let doctors do their duty. Please go and get vaccinated if you are eligible. Do not get swayed by rumours n self assumptions. #fightcovid #GetVaccinated

— KhushbuSundar (@khushsundar) April 16, 2021

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