When I do these kinds of movies, I become a meme: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar says he is in role-play heaven as it’s every actor’s dream to live such a diverse life on the big screen.

By Aravind Peesapati, September 21, 2019 21:56 IST

Akshay Kumar says that whatever he does, someone always has something to say, stating, 'When I do comedy, I'm called mindless; when I do action, I'm called repetitive; when I do patriotic films, I become a biopic meme.'
'No matter what I do, whatever I do next my last efforts are forgotten,' he added. The fact that all these films belong to a different genre and will portray Akshay in a unique look, one might think if it gets tough at any point to juggle and switch from one character to another. The actor, however it seems, is enjoys this variety.
Akshay further points that he may not have a 300-crore film in his kitty, “But I make enough movies to employ so many people, to generate so much money for my industry, to entertain the masses as often as I can. No matter how much I do, I still want to do more. Some see it as greedy; I see it as hungry to give whilst I still can.”

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