When I Hear About The Struggles Of Many, It Seems That I Have Struggled More Than Them: Vinay Fort.

Malayalam actor Vinay fort opens up about his struggles while trying to find a place in film industry.

By Aravind Peesapati, August 02, 2021 18:22 IST

Vinay Fort is an actor who is making progress in Malayalam cinema by playing different roles. In an interview with Nana, Vinay said that he struggled a lot to get into the film industry.
When I say struggle it’s not some simple burden. If someone else has said that they have done a terrible struggle, I do not count any of them as a struggle. Many people have told me that they have struggled. When I heard that, I felt that I was the one who struggled the most. It all seems to be a part of life. I can relate to some of the scenes in my movies;” said Vinay Fort.
Vinay said that neglect and exclusion were part of his acting career. He added that it is what he is doing in many films now.
“I am a little ordinary man in this world. Even the little things I do in my life right now are based on my life experiences. But I do not know if those born with the Silver Spoon can relate to such life experiences;” added Vinay Fort.
Malik, directed by Mahesh Narayanan, is Vinay Fort's latest release. Vinay plays the role of David in the film. Apart from Vinay Fort, Fahad Fazil, Nimisha Sajayan, Jalaja, Indrans and Meenakshi also played the lead roles. Malik was released on Amazon Prime on July 15th.

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