'When We Girls Drive On The Road, We Should Take The Left Lane Instead Of The Maximum Right Lane To Slow Down;' Actress Rebecca’s Video Goes Viral.

A new video shared by actress Rebecca goes viral on social media.

By Xappie Desk, October 01, 2022 00:12 IST

Rebecca is a well-known actress to the television audience. The post shared by the actress, who is active on social media, is now getting attention.
The actress has shared the video with the title, 'Do you think the statement I am making is true? When we girls drive on the road, we should take the left lane instead of the maximum right lane to slow down. Fast Track is meant for local dudes only. And don't overtake the dudes. They should overtake the girls, not us. It will be a big problem for the brothers. Sometimes he comes later and asks what happened, and it becomes a big problem. So when the dudes overtake, we have to say, 'Oh, dude, we don't need anything. And we don't pay tax on girls. So whatever is necessary, just get off a little early and go very slowly. Everything else is your choice,' says Rebecca through the video.
Anyone who watches the video will understand that some guy who mistook the road for the men's got into trouble with Rebecca. Rebecca shares this very serious issue in an interesting way. In addition to the title, Rebecca also used the hashtag From My Personal Experience.

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