Why Did Pavan Wadeyar Back Dollu. He Answers

Director Pawan Wadeyar made a name for himself with his exceptional films. He spoke about backing Dollu.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, November 30, 2021 14:42 IST

Director Pavan Wadeyar backed Sagar Puranik's Dollu. In an interview with The Times of India, Pavan Wadeyar spoke about bridging the gap. He shared, 'It’s wonderful when a director does not have to pander to the demands of the regular tropes like fights and romantic songs and stick to what one believes in. That’s where you can pick unique and interesting subjects and showcase their core.'
On backing Dollu, director Pawan said, 'I had watched Sagar Puranik’s (director of Dollu) debut short film Mahaan Hutathma and liked it. During our conversation, I mentioned to him that I’m on the search for such a subject and would love to make it. Sagar told me about Dollu and I was immediately drawn in. I guess that memory stayed with me and it resonated when Sagar told me about his story. The movie traces the origins of Dollu kunitha (shot in Shivamogga, Sagara, and thereabouts where it originated) and speaks of folk art surviving in the face of globalization. You will view this art form with a new perspective once you watch the film.' Pawan Wadeyar said that he would want to continue bankrolling bridge films. Dollu won several international awards at film festivals.

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