Will Minnal Murali Get A Hindi Remake? Director Basil Joseph Answers

Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram's Minnal Murali, which is streaming on Netflix, is receiving positive reviews on social media.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, December 31, 2021 20:00 IST

Minnal Murali, directed by Basil Joseph, was released on Netflix on December 24. The superhero film features Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaram in lead roles. The film was released in multiple languages and is receiving overwhelming reviews from critics and audiences alike. After the stupendous success of Minnal Murali, talks are on for the film's sequel. However, reports suggest that Minnal Murali might be remade in Hindi as well. However, director Basil Joseph is not impressed with the idea.
Speaking about the Hindi remake, director Basil Joseph said, 'We think of Murali as a native superhero belonging to Kerala. We don’t want his identity to be scattered. Yes, discussions are underway, but nothing is being developed. I don’t want it [to be remade]. I want this to remain an original film. We haven’t seen Spider-Man in different [iterations]. There is one Spider-Man and one Krrish. So, there should be one Minnal Murali. There should be a sequel. We have some stories in mind. It is tough to match the standard of the original story because originals are easy [create]. You use the story of an underdog, and hence people can associate with it. But, it is tough to make sequels relatable. The character here is larger than life, to begin with. Making viewers connect with him is tricky.”

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