Will Tovino Thomas's Minnal Murali Get A Sequel? Director Basil Joseph Answers

Tovino Thomas's recently released Minnal Murali, directed by Basil Joseph released on Netflix on December 24.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, December 28, 2021 14:24 IST

Enough of looking at Hollywood to see superhero films. We have our very own superhero film in Malayalam titled Minnal Murali. The film talks about two superheroes who get extraordinary powers after being struck by a lightning. The film skipped theatrical release and premiered directly on Netflix on December 24. Minnal Murali has been receiving extraordinary reviews from critics and audiences alike. The superhero origin story, set in a quaint village in Kerala, might get a sequel soon. In an interview with IndiaToday.in, Tovino Thomas and director Basil Joseph hinted at a possible sequel.
Tovino said, 'We have an interesting idea ready, which Basil shared with me during the shoot. So, let's see how it goes.' Adding to that, director Basil said, 'It all depends on the response and feedback we get for Minnal Murali, and then we will plan for a sequel, but we would love to do it though. We are so happy that people are sharing good responses, feedback and reviews across all the social media, handles and everything. It's like we have been on this project for so long. We have been investing so much time and effort and patience in bringing this out in the middle of the pandemic and also from the restrictions of the industry and the budget. So it's a group of technicians and artists who came together for something they wanted to. We genuinely wanted to make something good. It's a pay-off moment.'

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