Woman Tries Committing Suicide In Front Of Thala Ajith's House, Gets Arrested

A woman named Farzana tried to commit suicide by immolating herself in front of Thala Ajith's house in Chennai.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, October 05, 2021 18:01 IST

A few months ago, Thala Ajith was seen visiting a hospital along with his wife Shalini. One of the employees of the hospital named Farzana took a video of the two stars without their permission and released it online. Since taking videos of members visiting the hospital is against their rules, she was fired by the hospital. Later, Farzana made several attempts to get back her job. A phone call of Farzana with Shalini has leaked a few months ago where Farzana can be seen requesting Shalini to help her. However, Shalini said that the decision is up to the hospital management and that there was nothing more that she could do.
Yesterday (October 4), Farzana took an extreme step and tried to set fire to herself in front of Thala Ajith's house in Chennai. Those who were present near his house and Ajith's security informed about the incident to the nearby police stating. Immediately, the police sprung to action and arrested Farzana. Ajith is currently not in Chennai and is on a world tour on his bike. A few days ago, he was spotted at the Taj Mahal when he crossed Agra during his bike trip. As of now, Ajith hasn't reacted to Farzana and her demands. It is unclear if he would suspend his trip due to this unfortunate incident.

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