Workers' Strike Begins Today; The Strike By 2,000 Workers Paralyzes Telugu Film Industry.

The strike by 2,000 workers which began today paralyzed the Telugu film industry.

By Abdul Azeez, June 22, 2022 16:47 IST

Workers' strike paralyzes Telugu film industry. Workers' strike is demanding an increase in wages. The strike by 2,000 workers will begin today. The strike is being organized in front of the Telugu Film Industry Employees Federation demanding a pay hike. 24 film workers' unions are participating in the workers' strike. The strike has hampered the shooting of many films. This includes Prabhas' Salar, Chiranjeevi's Voltaire Veeraya, Ram Charan-Shankar film and other films.
The union alleges that the Telugu Film Chamber, the Film Producers' Council and the Film Industry Employees Federation have not decided on the pay hike. In Tollywood, the daily wage of a film worker in Tollywood is around Rs.500 to Rs.1500. The workers want this to be raised.
At the same time, there are allegations that producers have not paid workers on time. It is alleged that many are still not getting paid by the producers. Workers demand that transparency is needed when it comes to wages. The workers also demanded that the money be paid by the end of each film.
The union said the strike would continue until the demands were accepted. At the same time, there is no reaction from the producers about the strike.

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