Xappie Exclusive: Dil Raju’s Ex-Partner Laxman To Float His Own Production House, Locks 5 Projects

Ace producer Dil Raju’s Ex-ally, Laxman is set to float his own production house and has reportedly locked 5 projects already.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, July 20, 2021 23:04 IST

Following a series of internal rifts, Dil Raju and Laxman who previously bankrolled several films under the Sri Venkateswara Creations banner parted ways around a couple of years ago. Raju continued to produce multiple under his production house and Laxman focused on distribution business in the Telangana region.
Cut to now, Laxman is hoping to get back to winning ways as he is set to float his own production house. He has already lined up a total of 5 projects which are still in the early stages of production. He will be announcing these projects in the due course.
Apart from production, Laxman is also focusing on distribution. He is acquiring several cinema halls across the twin Telugu states in a bid to prove himself as a big player in the distribution business. At this pace, he might be locking horns with Dil Raju, who is one of the undisputed kingpins in the distribution business.
Laxman plans to take carry out the distribution business in an aggressive manner and he is acting accordingly. He intends to set up a few more production ventures in the near future. He is in talks with several top actors and directors in the industry who share a close rapport with him. More details about Laxman’s upcoming projects will be unveiled soon.

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