Yaaro Is A Psycho Thriller, Says Director Sandeep Sai

Yaaro is an edge of a seat thriller with debutant actor Venkat playing the lead role. The film's shooting has been wrapped up. Yaaro is now waiting to hit the theatres soon.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, January 27, 2022 18:58 IST

Director Sandeep Sai said, “Myself and Venkat were colleagues in the office, and both of us always used to share our insatiable passion for cinema. After quitting the job, I made a short film. Soon after watching it, Venkat admitted that we together will work on a full-length feature movie. He has done this film with his complete heart and soul. I owe a lot to my team for rendering a beautiful output with their utmost dedication. Music director Jose Franklin’s score is going to be the pillar of this film, and I can openly state that if not for him, this film would have not achieved such a decorous output. Cinematographer Prabhu has brought forth impeccably colossal visual outputs. When we started crafting this script, we wanted to make sure that it has lots of surprises and fresh elements from the beginning to the end. The audience will experience freshness while watching the film. Editor Anil Krishnan’s sophisticated and unique editing style has pushed Yaaro to international standards. I thank Venkat for accepting this offer as many wouldn’t bank their trust on a new-fangled concept like this movie. I am looking forward to completing support from the press-media friends and the audiences.”

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