Tuck Jagadish Movie Review


Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Release Date: 10 Sep 2021

Runtime: 02:25:00




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Tuck Jagadish Movie Review - Outdated Drama

Starring Nani in the titular role, Tuck Jagadish premiered on Amazon Prime Video today. Here’s what we felt after watching the film.

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Updated: September 10, 2021 00:21 IST

Rating : 1.75/5

Tuck Jagadish Review - Story

Tuck Jagadish (Nani) comes to know that his half-brother Bosu Babu (Jagapathi Babu) is plotting against his own family in a bid to get hold of the ancestral properties. What does Tuck Jagadish do to stop his half-brother? What are the challenges that he faces in the process?

Tuck Jagadish Review - Analysis

Nani and Shiva Nirvana had previously collaborated for Ninnu Kori, a feel-good love drama that fared well at the ticket counters. Tuck Jagadish marks their second collaboration and the stakes are higher this time around. However, the film doesn’t meet the expectation, owing to its outdated story and drabby narration.

A greedy brother, a sister facing domestic violence, a drunkard brother-in-law, and a well-mannered protagonist who aims to keep the family together. We’ve been seeing such characters in Telugu cinema for many decades now. Sadly in the case of Tuck Jagadish, we see all these formulaic characters fueling the main narrative. One will have to only wonder how or even more so, why a talented director like Shiva Nirvana came up with such an outdated story.
Shiva does succeed in getting 2-3 emotional scenes bang on the point that isn’t enough to keep the audience engaged for around 145 minutes. His narrative is bland and unimaginative. The outdated story doesn’t help the cause one bit.
Nani tries his best to breathe life into the film with her commendable performance. He is ably supported by the likes of Aishwarya Rajesh and Jagapathi Babu but the poor screenplay undoes all their good work.
There are 4-5 well-composed fight sequences in the film but they don’t create enough impact, owing to lacklustre build-up scenes that precede them. Gopi Sundar tries his best to elevate these sequences with his scintillating background score. The cinematography is neat.
The viewers are served routine formulaic family emotions In the opening half and just as we expect the proceedings to pick up the pace in the latter half, beaten-to-death revenge drama takes the center stage. There are a couple of emotionally engaging blocks spread sparingly through the course of the film but that is just about it when it comes to the positives.

Tuck Jagadish Review - Verdict

Tuck Jagadish is a routine and formulaic family drama that struggles to hold the attention of the audience, owing to the drabby narrative. The film is underwhelming, to say the least. More is expected from both Nani and Shiva Nirvana. 

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