14 Phere Movie Review

Age Rating: 18+

Lamguage: Hindi

Genre: Comedy

Streaming Date: 23 Jul 2021





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14 Phere Movie Review - A Drabby Sit-Com

Vikrant Massey and Kriti Karbandha starrer, 14 Phere is available for streaming on ZEE5 now. Here is our review of the Devanshu Singh directorial.

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Updated: July 23, 2021 15:30 IST

Rating: 2/5

14 Phere Review - Story

Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) and Aditi (Kriti) are in a live-in relationship. Just as they decide to enter wedlock, they come to know that their families are against inter-caste marriage. They then come up with a wicked plan to hoodwink their immediate family members and get married. What is the plan that they come up with? Will it serve the purpose?

14 Phere Review - Analysis

14 Phere relies heavily on the situational comedy that is generated through the lead pair and doesn’t have a strong storyline backing it up. The narrative is one-dimensional and there is literally zero drama, which is a no-no for a film that banks on the relationship between the lead pair.

The problem with sit-coms that don’t have a proper storyline is that they lose momentum after a point and that is exactly what happens with 14 Phere. The film gets off to a bright start with healthy comedy. But it loses momentum post the 30-minute mark and what follows is a drabby tale of cacophony. The ending portions, which needed more of a serious approach have been presented in a comical manner. This further dampens the movie-watching experience.

The scenes related to the lead pair’s plan to trick their families lack freshness. They follow the regular love drama template. A more imaginative screenplay could have done the trick.
Vikrant Massey and Kriti Karbandha deliver a fine performance. They make a good pair. Vikrant looks sharp in a witty role and his comedy timing is very good. The supporting cast ably supports the lead pair.
Devanshu Singh does a middling job with his directorial debut. His comical approach overpowers the core plot and that in turn affects the whole narrative. The music is decent and so is the background score.

14 Phere Review - Verdict

14 Phere is a dreary sit-com that struggles to capitalise on the promising start it got. The screenplay is routine and cliched. The climax is farcical. The film makes for a disappointing watch.

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