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CAT : Web Series Review - Gritty And Riveting Tale On Drug Mafia

Randeep Hooda is one of the most seasoned actors and whenever he comes up with anything, it is always different. His new web series on Netflix, CAT is streaming now and deals with the underworld drama

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Updated: December 12, 2022 22:28 IST

Rating: 3.5/5

CAT Review - Story

To avenge the death of his parents, Gurnam Singh(Randeep Hooda) commits a crime in his younger days. From joining a group of insurgents to going undercover for cops as a CAT, he does it all for his family. But after a point, he gets away and leads a normal life. However, things change for Gurnam when the cops force him to infiltrate a major drug empire in Punjab in order to save his drug peddler brother’s life. Left with no choice, Gurnam decides to revisit his dark past. How will he manage this deadly task and save his brother? That forms the basic crux of the web series.

CAT Review - Analysis

CAT deals with the story of Gary, an innocent youth who gets entangled in the drug world of Punjab. The setting is realistic and a lot of effort has gone into the detailing and it shows on screen. The eight episode series has gripping drama, deceit, and intriguing thrills throughout. The Punjabi set up of drug mafia is showcased in such a gritty manner that one gets hooked to the show right away. The Punjabi diction of the actors only enhances the proceedings.

The show runs in parallel tracks but the manner in which past and present are mixed is superb. In a way, you can say that the series is quite intelligently directed and there are not many faulty areas. The novelty factor lies in the setting and whatever the small issues in the script are covered by the solid performances. Randeep Hooda is known to go under the skin of his characters and he breathes fire into Gurnam Singh. Be it his look or lingo, Hooda aces it. Randeep is amazing in the scenes where he goes undercover and has to handle things emotionally and is a spirited manner.
Veteran Punjabi actor, Suvinder Vicky is top notch as Randeep's handler. He brings a lot of depth to the series with his screen presence. Former Miss India Hasleen Kaur’s transformation into a de-glam avatar is amazing and she is superb in her role. CAT has one of the best technical aspects in recent OTT shows. The music and BGM by Rakesh Varma is haunting and keeps you engrossed from the first episode itself. The camera work that depicts the drug filled mafia lanes of Punjab are shown in a stunning manner. The costumes and production design and choice of actors are award winning.
The series has its fair share of issues. Due to the enormous supporting cast, Randeep Hooda's role gets off track a bit and he does not get much screen presence in the middle episodes. The sub plots are good but they are dragged for no reason and one gets a feeling that the show should have been wrapped up in seven episodes straight without confusing the audience. The show is directed by Balwainder Singh Junuja, Jimmy Singh, and Rupinder Chahal and the trio handle things in such a manner that proceedings are racy and surprise you at regular intervals.

CAT Review - Verdict

The Netflix series, CAT has a very intriguing setting and is riveting for the most part. The performances of the lead cast and gripping drama showcased are icing on the cake. The eight-episode series is made with a lot of detail and drama showcased holds your attention and takes you into a world of drug mafia like never told before. Go for it.

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