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Crushed Season 2 : Web Series Review - Passable High School Romance

After the successful season one of Crushed, the high school romance is out with its season 2 now. The show is created by Mandar Kurunkar and Heena Dsouza and is streaming on Amazon Mini TV.

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Updated: December 12, 2022 22:13 IST

Rating: 2.75/5

Crushed Season 2 Review - Story

The series is based on the backdrop of Lucknow Central School and is a coming-of-age drama. While the first season showcased young love, catfights, and jealousy, the second season transforms you into a mature world. Along with the tenth-grade board exams, this time, the teenagers also need to split their focus for the interschool youth festival to win the prestigious trophy by taking part in debates, drama, dance, singing, and more.

Crushed Season 2 Review - Analysis

In the first season, the character of Aadya is involved in Samvidan and sweet chemistry gets created. But later, issues erupt and the story ends on a bad note. In season 2, Aadya falls for one more cute guy called Samarth and this track in the show is quite interesting. The small-time Lovey-Dovey moments are shown in a cute manner by the director Mandar. The high school boasts so many endearing moments that will surely make you feel nostalgic. The writing is decent and the young actors do a fantastic job performance-wise

From morning assembly to Inter-School Annual Competition, this six-part series continues to entertain for the most part. If the first season seemed a bit childish, there is emotion in the second. The subplots of each pair have good drama and make you feel for them. Upon this, the breathtaking visuals and realistic school atmosphere make you engrossed in the show most of the time. Aadhya's episode as she goes memory lane is handled so elegantly.
Crushed Season 2 has its fair share of issues. As the setting is old school and simple, today's urban generation might have some reservations. The pacing of the show is also weak in a few places as the middle episodes are dragged on for no reason. The drama in a few episodes looks a bit over the top for the age and characters played. On the other hand, there is nothing new that this series showcases for the audience. It just takes you back in time and shows school life in a modern way.
The series has been made keeping the youth in mind. Therefore there is no heavy drama or justification in each of the characters played. Aadhya Anand, Naman Jain, Urvi Singh, Anupriya Caroli, Arjun Deswal, and Chirag Katrecha do well in their roles. But it is the screenplay that lets things down. The plot is dragged for no reason and if the show would have been one episode less, things would have made surely a better impact. Still, as the show is under thirty minutes, one can give it a shot.

Crushed Season 2 Review - Verdict

When compared to the first season, Crushed makes a lot of sense in the second. The drama, emotions, and performances are a bit more mature this time. Though there are many high school romances available in the market, Crushed will make you nostalgic and makes for a passable watch if you love cute and Genz dramas. Give it a shot if you have nothing else to do.

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