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Ek Mini Katha Review - Partly engaging comedy drama

Ek Mini Katha stars Santhosh Shobhan and Kavya Thapar in the lead roles. Billed to be a comedy drama with a unique plot, the film is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Updated: May 27, 2021 11:09 IST

Rating: 2.75/5

Ek Mini Katha Story

Santhosh (Santhosh Shobhan) is a bit too concerned about the size of his manhood organ. He opts to undergo penis enlargement surgery after falling in love with Amrutha (Kavya Thapar) as he opines it is the only way he can fulfill her physical needs. But the surgery fails for a strange reason. Consequently, Santhosh tries to distance himself from Amrutha. What are the self-imposed struggles Santhosh goes through in the process? How is his plight worsened by those around him?

Ek Mini Katha Analysis

Ek Mini Katha explores an unconventional avenue which adds a hint of freshness to the film, as a whole. The protagonist mulling over his supposed small-sized organ and his plight being ridiculed by those around him surely is an intriguing plotline. Santhosh Shobhan looks very settled. He gets into the skin of the character and gets his body language right. Kavya Thapar delivers a fine performance as well. Bramhaji, Sapthagiri, Sudharshan and the rest of the support cast do justice to their roles.

The film gets off to a brisk start with the protagonist’s father, played by Bramhaji consulting a psychiatrist to discuss the atypical behavior of his son. Then comes the main flashback portion. The film’s tempo goes down a bit at the mid-way point as the hero’s size problem related scenes turn monotonous.
The film picks up pace after the entry of Sapthagiri. His slapstick comedy is a tad silly but it serves the purpose - leaving the viewers in splits. His occasional appearances infuse good energy and often generate good comedy. In the penultimate portion, the protagonist starts following a lady baba’s instructions to ‘increase’ his size. These sequences are patchy. But there is one loud comedy scene featuring Bramhaji and other support cast in the climax. It generates good comedy.
The director Karthik handles the complex subject relatively well. Merlapaka Gandhi’s story is compelling. But the presentation could have been better. More novel comical scenes in the middle portion could have done the trick. Gokul’s cinematography is very good and so is Pravin Lakkaraju’s music and background score.
There is an expected social message towards the end. “Many people have worries and doubts related to their private parts. But it is unwise to go out of their way and following foolish practices to help them ‘increase’ the size of the said parts.” This is the message that is delivered in the climax.

Ek Mini Katha Verdict

Ek Mini Katha has a good premise but the screenplay is uneven. A good comedy scene if followed by a boring scene. Sapthagiri’s slapstick comedy is good. The film will make one for a one-time watch.

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