Hungama 2 Movie Review

Age Rating: +13

Lamguage: Hindi

Genre: Drama Comedy

Streaming Date: 16 Jul 2021

Runtime: 02:20:00




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Hungama 2 Movie Review - This Messy Comedy Drama Is Intolerable

Hungama 2 is a remake of Malayalam film Minnaram. The film features Shilpa Shetty, Paresh Rawal and others in important roles. Let us see if it can keep the viewers entertained or not.

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Updated: July 25, 2021 05:28 IST

Rating: 1/5

Hungama 2 Review - Story

One fine morning, Vaani(Pranitha Subhash) shows up at the doorstep of the Kapoors along with a newborn baby. She claims Aakash(Meezam) is the father of the baby and the Kapoor family will now have to deal with the tricky situation. Much to their dismay, their nosey neighbours, the Tiwaris make things much more complicated. What is the story behind the baby? How do the Kapoors and the Tiwaris solve the whole dodgy situation?

Hungama 2 Review - Analysis

It is really hard to make a film that offers zero entertainment, fail in each and every aspect, and on top of all that, take the audience through a painfully irritating ride. Hungama 2 has somehow managed to achieve this feat. It is a damp squib that fails on so many more counts than one.

The story is inexistent. A random lady showing up with a baby at the doorstep of a family full of dimwits is a plotline that might have worked decades ago. However, the director, Priyadarshan trusts in his comedy timing and takes up the challenge of narrating this story with a modern set-up. But his idea backfires big time and the film ends up being intolerably inane.
There are enough senseless scenes in the first 10 minutes to show that this film has nothing to offer and if you still wish to sit through, you are served a plethora of horrendously conceived and abysmally presented sequences.
The lead actors Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Pranitha Subhash, and others try to evoke laughter but the unfunny characterisations make it near impossible to make anything of the story.

Hungama 2 Review - Verdict

Hungama 2 is a messy comedy caper that ticks all the boxes to be termed a damp squib. STAY AWAY. 

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