Jagamemaya Movie Review

Age Rating: +12

Lamguage: Telugu Hindi Tamil Malayalam Kannada

Genre: Thriller Comedy Crime

Streaming Date: 15 Dec 2022





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Jagame Maya : Movie Review -  Crime Drama With Passable Thrills

Jagame Maya is a crime drama with twists and thrills which is now streaming on Disney Hotstar. Here’s our review of the film.

Xappie Desk

Updated: December 16, 2022 12:56 IST

Rating: 2.75/5

Jagamemaya Review - Story

Anand(Teja Mainampudi) loses big money in IPL betting. Fearing the loans, he flees to Hyderabad and comes across a divorcee named Chitra(Dhanya Balakrishna). He somehow woes her and ties the knot with a plan of leading a happy life. Things change upside down for Anand when his wife's darkest secrets from the past with her late husband Ajay(Chaitanya Rao) start getting unveiled one after the other. How will Anand manage this crazy ride forms the story?

Jagamemaya Review - Analysis

Jagame Maya is a romantic thriller directed by Sunil Puppala. The backdrop he has chosen looks appealing and has real-life characters shown in a dark manner. The manner in which the main lead gets introduced, the IPL betting, and how he chances upon the heroine are showcased in an interesting manner. Sunil has etched his characters nicely and given them a good arc to showcase their acting prowess. 

The interval block is the best part as a good twist engages the audience. When compared to the first half, the second half has good meat. Dhanya Balakrishna leads from the front and she gets a tailor-made role to perform. She is poles apart in both halves and shocks the audience with her impressive performance. Teja is good in his role and especially his comedy timing is amazing. Chaitanya Rao's character is important in the film and he is also neat in his given role.
The film has its share of flaws as it is ended in an abrupt manner. Though the twists are good, they could have been even more gripping. After an interesting few minutes in the first half, things become a bit routine. The production values of the film are top notch and the visuals are cool. The BGM is appealing and that score for key scenes in the second half was quite good. Dialogues and production design creating a tense mood were cool as well.
The film has a tagline of Instant Karma and the director also gives us a hint about a sequel. The twists are engaging though they are not that out of the box. The heroine's character is the best part and it keeps us engaged for the most part even if the film has a few issues in writing and a rushed climax which is a bit unclear.

Jagamemaya Review - Verdict

Jagame Maya is a crime thriller that showcases Dhanya Balakrishna in a solid role. The film has crisp runtime and the twists showcased in the second half engage the audience. There are a few loopholes in the mid part but they are sidelined by the decent thrills which keep the audience excited for the most part.

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