Mimi Movie Review

Age Rating: 16+

Lamguage: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Streaming Date: 30 Jul 2021

Runtime: 02:13:00




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Mimi Movie Review - This Comedy Drama Is A Roller Coaster Ride

Kriti Sanon’s Mimi is streaming on Netflix now and here is our review of the comedy drama.

Xappie Desk

Updated: July 27, 2021 23:08 IST

Rating: 3.25/5

Mimi Review - Story

After being promised a lump sum amount of money, Mimi (Kriti) agrees to be a surrogacy prospect for an American couple. Bhanu(Pankaj Tripathi) orchestrated the entire development. But much to the disbelief and dismay of Mimi, the American couple decides to back out, leaving her clueless about what to do with her pregnancy. What follows later forms the rest of the plot.

Mimi Review - Analysis

Mimi deals with the sensitive topic of surrogacy and that gives the director Laxman Utekar the luxury of taking a non-cliched approach and so does he. He narrates the whole track pertaining to surrogacy with a humour-heavy screenplay. The witty performances from the lead cast help the cause.

Kriti as a young surrogate mother, who aspires to become an actress one day delivers a winning performance. Her quirky screen presence and dialogue delivery are of top quality. Pankaj’s role is an author-backed one and he is in his elements. He emotes the complex expressions with utter ease. The rest of the supporting cast do a fine job as well.
Pankaj’s efforts to make Kriti agree to be a surrogacy prospect are narrated in a comical manner and they serve the purpose. Even the scenes succeeding Kriti’s surrogacy are high on comedic value. The film is motored by the sublime screenplay that keeps the viewers engaged and more often than not, brings the house down.
However, there are a few hiccups through the course of the film as the authenticity factor goes for a toss in a few penultimate sequences. The scenes related to Kriti’s heartbreak are a tad far fetched. A tighter narrative in the pre-climax portion could have worked well for the film.
AR Rahman’s background score is refreshing and so is his audio album. The cinematography is adequate. Production designing is impressive. The mood and vibe of a rural neighbourhood are recreated very well.

Mimi Review - Verdict

Mimi is a roller coaster ride that is powered by fine performances, and a largely witty screenplay. But a few crucial sequences towards the end seem a bit far fetched. However, the film will certainly make for a compelling watch this weekend. Give it a try.

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