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NET : Movie Review - Half-baked Thriller

Rahul Ramakrishna and Avika Gor starrer, NET is streaming on ZEE5. Scroll on to catch our review of the film.

Sathvik SV

Updated: September 12, 2021 13:10 IST

Rating: 2.5/5

Net Review - Story

Laxman (Rahul) is a typical middle-class lad. One fine day, he comes across an unsolicited live streaming service, which lets him watch the personal lives of others, through spy cameras. He pays an abnormally high subscription fee for the service. Incidentally, he then gains access to the spy cameras placed in the apartment where a young couple, Avika Gor and Vishwa live at. Laxman is now completely addicted to the live streaming service and he comes to know about the other side of the couple. What are the consequences that he is bound to face now?

Net Review - Analysis

Rahul Ramakrishna excels in the seemingly complex role. His subtle yet impactful performance fuels the film right from the outset. Avika delivers a decent performance. Praneetha of C/O Kancherapalem fame gets a meaty role and she does a good job. The rest of the supporting cast do justice to their roles.

NET is essentially a thriller that is set in a cybercrime backdrop. Not many Telugu films have explored this genre. The film packs freshness as far as the basic premise goes and that in turn ups the anticipation factor. The viewers are kept second-guessing about what is bound to happen next in the story.
Laxman, a player by Rahul going out of his way to pay for the streaming service to watch a young air, played by Avika and Vishwa, and his efforts to pool in the resources are conceived well. The opening exchanges are compelling and they hold the attention.
However, things start to fall apart as the climax approaches. Laxman’s efforts to meet with the couple, despite not knowing their exact address seem artificial. Also, the big reveal towards the end is poorly written. The ending is unconventional and it doesn’t give the film a fitting that it so very badly needed.
While the whole cybercrime aspect of the story looks intriguing on paper, more details about the streaming service and how it operates needed to be conveyed to the viewers to give a better understanding of what’s actually happening.
The background score is of elite quality and so is the cinematography. The director, Bhargav Macharla succeeds In evoking good drama, but he should have focused on the end portion.

Net Review - Verdict

NET is a half-baked thriller that has its own share of bright moments and as well as flaws. The drama that has been generated through Laxman, Rahul, and his wife Praneetha is good. But the story isn’t rounded off in an appealing manner and consequently, the climax falls flat. You might give this film a try if you have more than enough spare time.

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