Netrikann Movie Review

Age Rating: +15

Lamguage: Tamil

Genre: Drama Comedy

Streaming Date: 15 Aug 1981

Runtime: 02:02:34




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Netrikann Movie Review - A Bland Thriller

Nayanthara’s Netrikann is a Tamil remake of The South Korean film, Blind. The film premiered on Disney + Hotstar today and here is what we have to say about it.

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Updated: August 13, 2021 18:28 IST

Rating: 2/5

Netrikann Review - Story

Following a horrific car accident, Durga (Nayanthara) loses her eyesight. Consequently, she also loses her police job. On one fateful day, Durga is trapped by a serial rapist who does unspeakable things to the women he kidnaps. How does Durga escape his grasp? Will she be able to make him pay for his crimes?

Netrikann Review - Analysis

Netrikann is a faithful remake of Blind. But in all fairness, the original isn’t a highly rated film and it has a flawed plot. The same is the case with the remake Netrikann as well. The film gets off to a bland start with one tiresome sequence succeeding another. The scenes which depict the mental hardships the protagonist Durga goes through after turning blind are formulaic. The narrative is way too convenient.

Post the 4--minute mark, a well-composed action sequence in metro train backdrop gives the film some much-needed impetus. But it isn’t long before another set of repetitive sequences take the center stage and dampen the vibe.
Nayanthara as a blind lad, who is the prime witness in a gruesome case is a class act. She delivers a winning performance. But the fundamentally flawed storyline doesn’t have the desired impact to keep the audiences glued to the screenplay spoilsport.
The serial rapist angle associated with the antagonist is a vague attempt to give him a demonic image. But it doesn’t pack any emotional value. His sadistic approach isn’t organic either.
There are a few moments of brilliance like the protagonist rejecting a drink from her potential abductor after smelling chemical compounds in it and also the aforementioned metro action sequence. But they don’t make up for the briefest that follows.
The background score is neat and so is the cinematography. The director Milind Raju adapts the story well and sets it up in a native backdrop but his screenplay isn’t gripping enough.

Netrikann Review - Verdict

Netrikann is a poorly written and executed thriller that is bland and unimaginative. The film fails to hold the attention of the viewers for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. Those who seriously love thrillers and don’t mind a flawed narrative can give Netrikann a try but keep your expectations strictly in check.

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