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One Movie Review - This Mammootty Starrer Is A Mixed Bag

Mammootty’s political thriller, One has been dubbed in Telugu and is available for streaming on Aha Video. Scroll on to read our review of the film.

Xappie Desk

Updated: November 05, 2021 17:29 IST

Rating: 2.75/5

One Review - Story

A hard-hitting social media post from a naive youngster sparks a political coup and the chief minister, Chandram(Mammootty) himself has to step into action. What is the nature of the social media post shared by the youngster? How does the chief minister handle the tricky situation?

One Review - Analysis

Mammootty's One is more of a commercial political thriller with the part engaging and part hollow screenplay. The proceedings hit top gear with the protagonist’s introduction scene but it progresses along with predictable notes for most parts in the opening half. The political coup, which forms the core plot is formulaic. Despite having a good premise, the film sticks to a cliched narrative.

The film sure does have its fair share of highs, but a large part of this credit needs to be given to Gopi Sundar who scores a riveting soundtrack. His composition in the elevation scenes is of elite quality. The cinematography is equally good. Editing should have been crispier.
The way the chief minister used social media outrage to his advantage is executed well. Mammootty's winning performance is the backbone of the film. His mature act and impeccable screen presence create a sense of great aura. He breathed life into the chief minister’s role.
The climax lacks witty writing. The viewer can easily anticipate what is about to happen next. The film ends on a predictable note. The film follows a stereotypical template, one would associate with a political thriller. But the elevation blocks work very well.

One Review - Verdict

Mammootty’s One is a mixed bag. The film has its own share of bright moments as well as flaws. Mammootty’s stand-out performance and protagonist elevation blocks work out well. But the predictable narrative and cliched ending don’t help the cause. The film can be termed a passable one-time watch.

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