The Baker and the Beauty(Telugu) Webseries Review

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The Baker And The Beauty : Series Review - Passable Comedy Drama

Aha Video’s flagship web series The Baker and The Beauty is available for streaming now. Scroll on to read our review of the Santhosh Shobhan and Tina Shilparaj starrer.

Sathvik SV

Updated: September 11, 2021 17:09 IST

Rating: 2.75/5

The Baker and the Beauty(Telugu) Review - Story

Vijay (Santhosh), a small-time baker falls for an actress, Ira (Shilpa) following a series of unforeseen incidents. Ira reciprocates similar feelings towards Vijay. As the young couple starts to enjoy each other’s company, things get complicated due to external factors. Can the couple overhaul the challenges life throws at them?

The Baker and the Beauty(Telugu) Review - Analysis

Santhosh Shobhan plays a baker and Tina plays a budding actress in the comedy-drama series. The two young actors fit the bill and they shoulder the show with their fine performances. Santhosh is particularly good in emotional blocks. Venkat, Vishnu Priya, Jhansi, Srikanth Iyengar, and other actors who play supporting roles deliver what is expected of them.

The Jonathan Edwards directorial is a remake of a Turkish web series with the same title. The storyline is fresh and it offers something new to Telugu audiences. The concept of a small-time baker from a middle-class family falling in love with a super-rich actress looks intriguing. The subtle nuances in regard to the class disparity and the difference in the mindsets of the lead pair are portrayed well.
Unlike most Telugu web series’s in recent times, The Beauty and The Baker have strong supporting characters and able actors portraying them. These subplots add to the drama. There’s a homosexual relationship track in the series and it has been dealt with very well.
However, the whole ex-relationship of the female lead track is poorly conceived. It doesn’t evoke the desired amount of drama, which doesn’t help the cause. Also, the ending is a tad too convenient which takes away the novelty factor.
The biggest flaw of the series could be the final two episodes. The pace of the proceedings drops considerably towards the end and the screenplay is way too predictable. The series deserved a better ending.

The Baker and the Beauty(Telugu) Review - Verdict

The Beauty And The Baker is a passable comedy-drama, which could have made for a far more compelling watch hadn’t it been for the otherwise bland ending. It can be termed a one-time watch.

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