Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie Review

Age Rating: +13

Lamguage: Telugu

Genre: Comedy

Streaming Date: 27 Aug 2021

Runtime: 02:00:00




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Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie Review - Underwhelming Comedy Caper

Vivaha Bhojanambu, starring Satya in the lead role is streaming on Sony Live. Scroll on to read our review of the supposed comedy caper.

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Updated: August 27, 2021 01:28 IST

Rating: 2.25/5

Vivaha Bhojanambu Review - Story

Mahesh(Satya) is a pinchpenny lad, who gets married just hours before the government of India imposes country-wide lockdown in the wake of the Covid outbreak. Now, Mahesh, who doesn’t like to take out a penny from his pocket has to look after his in-laws. What are the comical challenges he faces in the process?

Vivaha Bhojanambu Review - Analysis

The best thing about Vivaha Bhojanambu is its relatable plot. Every citizen in the country would have certainly faced at least half a dozen dodgy situations during the Covid-related lockdown last year. The film is set in the very same backdrop. The strange situations encountered by the commoners, including the fear of Covid transmission, the social stigmas associated with Covid positive persons, and running after essential commodities every now and again are infused into the main plot of the film.

But with a relatable plot comes the danger of repetitiveness. This is exactly what happens with Vivaha Bhojanambu. After a sedated start the film picks up the pace after the lockdown-related proceedings take the center stage. With relatable and fun-filled scenes the opening 20-25 minutes are fairly breezy. Then the narrative turns monotonous and stereotypical scenes set in.
Satya does brilliantly in a role that perfectly suits him and he is ably supported by Srikant Iyengar who plays his father-in-law. The scenes featuring the duo evoke laughter, largely thanks to their portrayal of the characters.
However, almost every comical scene in the film is followed by an insipid scene. The flashback part could have been avoided as it adds no value to the narrative. Sundeep Kishan’s track looks forced and it doesn’t influence the proceedings in any which way. The penultimate and climax portions are poorly written. A set of formulaic scenes take the center stage in the ending portion and the film ends on a low.
Ram Abbaraju succeeded in evoking comedy in the opening exchanges with relatable scenes. But the screenplay is uneven and the tempo goes down every now and again as the film progresses. The background score is okayish. There is nothing much to speak about the songs. Production designing is good.

Vivaha Bhojanambu Review - Verdict

Vivaha Bhojanambu is an underwhelming comedy caper that has a fair share of bright moments in the opening half. But the narrative turns monotonous post the halfway mark and the poor ending doesn’t help the cause either. With a more tightly packed screenplay, the film might have made for a compelling watch.

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