Cole Evan Weiss

also known as Cole Weiss, Cole E. Weiss

Born: Nov 01, 1989, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Cole Evan Weiss is breaking the mold and curse of 'Teens' in Hollywood. Instead of the glitz and skin we've become so used to, Cole is sparking a new kind of sex appeal and interest. He is sharp, informed, educated, involved and smart. This young man with his charismatic smile is poised for a breakthrough year with a series of projects that will certainly have his name on everyone's lips. As one of the stars in Fox Home Entertainment's premiere DVD Original movie, The Sandlot 2, Cole stars as Saul, the compassionate brother of a deaf boy, a role that allowed him to use his real life knowledge of sign language on the screen. This highly anticipated sequel takes place 10 years after the original, where the new generation of ball players, try to face their toughest challenge yet! In addition, Cole can also be seen in Martin Lawrence's Rebound where he plays a pompous Junior High School basketball player who thinks that Martin Lawrence's team stinks. At the age of 15, this successful actor has already had a number of varying projects under his belt. In the AFI film Double Negatives, Cole gave a breathtaking performance as a young boy suffering from Obsessive Compulsive disorder. He has starred in such films as the Sci Fi Channel's Movie-of-the-Week, Incident at Kelly, Cat's Bad Hair Day, Halloween Tricks and Sweets. His television credits include guest starring roles on: Let's Just Play, The Edj!, Second Noah, Rescue 911, Gullah Island and Boy Meets World. He has loaned his voice to numerous commercials, industrials, and computer video games including the blockbuster Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Playstation video games. He is a Disney World young spokesman filming a series of promotions for the world-renowned resort and theme park. Although Hollywood keeps him quite busy these days, Cole has had the opportunity to hone his craft in the live theater with such starring roles as: Oliver in Oliver, Tom Sawyer in Huck Finn, Charlie in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Michael in Peter Pan. Cole is not just living for himself but he is dedicated to caring for others, always getting involved in charity events and humanitarian endeavors. His generosity and natural care for others are so genuine that it flawlessly transposes onto the screen through his characters. Although he spends much of his time in California, where he is home schooled, Cole also resides in Florida. - IMDb Mini Biography

Real Name Cole Evan Weiss
Nick Name Cole Weiss, Cole E. Weiss
Date of Birth Nov 01, 1989
Place of Birth Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Age 33

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