Gene Loveland

Born: Glenoma, Washington, USA

Adopted at three days old by parents Lynn and Pat, Gene Loveland grew up in the small town of Glenoma, Washington, located 100 miles south of Seattle. As an active child, and after a narrow escape from the wrath of Mt. St. Helen's where Glenoma is 20 miles straight south from the epicenter, Loveland still spent the majority of his childhood outdoors, riding motorcycles, fishing, hunting, and playing with his pet deer who he affectionately named Bambi (no joke). After graduating from White Pass High School, Loveland went on to study communications, radio & television, and theater at Centralia Junior College. During his second year at Centralia Junior College, peers and local critics recognized Loveland's acting potential when he was cast in the role of a disturbed coal miner in an original play which received critical acclaim by local reviews. Deciding to shift his focus away from schoolwork, after his Professor told him he would fall back on his fall back plan Loveland left college and took a job at the local lumber mill in order to pay for his recording sessions in Seattle with Producer Bill Gibson. After only a few demo songs Loveland was chosen by Art Ford of Capital Records to be the lead singer for a 'young Eagles type band' only to have the project fall apart on Loveland's birthday. So instead of giving up he packed his bags and drove to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, Loveland devoted himself to music and film, landing his first TV role on The Young and the Restless. In 2010 through 2013, Loveland starred in over 10 short films including Connection (2012), Revenge (2013), Lunch Break (2013) with Sal Landi, Directed by Gabriel Schmidt and all written by Sean Ryan, along with the feature film Noobz (2012), Written and Directed by Blake Freeman. However, most notably Loveland starred in and co-produced the award winning 'Choices', screenplay by Sean Ryan.' He won best actor in Cannes, at the Artisan International Film Festival for painting a humane and sympathetic, yet deeply disturbing portrait of the lead character. Choices also won the award for best short. After producing the shorts, Loveland decided to work on feature films including The Stray, as a producer and actor, Directed by Tom Ford. Spychosis, with Tom Arnold as producer, writer and actor as well as Roadside Stars in which he produces, acts and sings original material on the soundtrack.

Real Name Gene Loveland
Place of Birth Glenoma, Washington, USA
Age 0


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