Jack McKenzie

Born: Mar 09, 1942, Edinburgh - Scotland - UK

Jack McKenzie is a British actor. He was born in Edinburgh in 1942 and was educated at George Heriot's School, after which he joined The Royal Marines, and then subsequently the Lothians and Peebles Constabulary and transferred to Edinburgh City Police. TELEVISION: The Sweeney, Sutherland's Law, Space: 1999 series, Secret Army, Blake's 7, The Professionals, The Mad Death, Taggart, The Collectors, Blood Money, Skorpion, The Treachery Game, Henry VIII, The Wallace, Piece of Cake, Heartbeat, Bugs, Bernard's Watch, The Bill, EastEnders, Scotland 2000, 10%'rs, The Return Of The Saint, The London Suite, Crime Monthly, 999, Crimewatch THEATRE: Gothenburg English Studio Theatre:- The Woman In Black The Watermill Theatre:- Hobson's Choice Royal National Theatre:- The Misanthrope, Engaged and Into The Mouths Of Crabs Wintershall, Guildford:- The Passion and The Life of Christ The Redgrave Theatre, Farnham:- MacBeth, Who Killed Cock Robin, The Trial of Lady Chatterley. Farnham Maltings:-Sorry To Spoil Your Daughter's Birthday Pantomimes at Guildford Civic Hall and Bracknell

Real Name Jack McKenzie
Date of Birth Mar 09, 1942
Place of Birth Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
Age 81

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