Tiffany Million

also known as Sandra Margot Giani, Tiffiny Million, Tyfanny Million, Tiffany Mellon, Sandra Scott, Tiffany Melon, Tiffany Millions, Sandra Margot

Born: Apr 06, 1966, Richmond, California, USA

Sandra Lee Schwab was born on April 6, 1966 in Richmond, California. A former Catholic schoolgirl, Sandra became a stripper in her late teens then started her show business career in her early 20s wrestling for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.) under the stage name Tiffany Mellon; usually as part of the tag team 'Park Avenue Knockouts.' However, she left prematurely after facing harassment and homophobia from a G.L.O.W. manager who thought she and another wrestler were lesbians. Still, TV exposure on the syndicated series landed her her very first acting roles, including a guest spot on My Two Days and a supporting part in the wrestling drama American Angels: Baptism of Blood in 1989. Now bitten by the acting bug, Sandra switched her professional name yet again to Sandra Margot and started carving out a niche for herself in B movies. She played a seductive demon in Demon Wind, a hellish nun in Spirits, a teenage murder victim in The Sleeping Car and also landed parts in the women-in-prison film Caged Fury and a few other films, plus played a stripper on TV's Tales from the Crypt. The only constant were that the roles were small and almost always required nudity. Likely sick of landing nothing but nondescript bits in low budget films, Margot left her mainstream film aspirations behind, changed her name again to Tiffany Million (sometimes Tyffany Million) and went where she could become a star: hardcore porn. There she was much more successful and, from 1992 until her final X film appearance in 1997, Sandra became one of the most in demand adult stars of the decade. Some of her most successful ventures were American Garter, New Wave Hookers III, Sex, Latex (the top-selling adult video of 1995) and its 1996 sequel Shock. She even poked fun at her former wrestling days with a film called B.L.O.W. (Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling). Sandra won an XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) Award, two AVN Awards and even directed, wrote and produced a handful of films, including The XXX Files: Lust in Space (1995), for her own production company Immaculate Video Conceptions. After receiving a sizable inheritance, she quit the adult film industry and never returned. Leaving her sex star days behind, Sandra became a bounty hunter, bail bondswoman and then a private investigator. She emerged yet again a decade later, this time as Sandra Scott (surname from her fourth husband), as star of the short-lived reality show Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter, which aired on the WE Network in 2007. Afterward, Sandra was interviewed about her adult film days in After Porn Ends (2012) and has reinvented herself yet again in 2017, also using a new name ('Margot Monday'), as the host of Arizona talk radio show.

Real Name Tiffany Million
Nick Name Sandra Margot Giani, Tiffiny Million, Tyfanny Million, Tiffany Mellon, Sandra Scott, Tiffany Melon, Tiffany Millions, Sandra Margot
Date of Birth Apr 06, 1966
Place of Birth Richmond, California, USA
Age 57

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