A year since lockdown. But what has changed!

While we hope things would fall back in place, everything is still at the same low pace

By Bhavana Sharma, March 22, 2021 17:58 IST

A year since the lockdown was imposed on us. A lot of ups and downs. Many people lost their jobs and of course, their loved ones as well due to the novel Coronavirus. A year since then and a lot has changed.
Last year, on this same day, India joined other nations in the fight against Covid-19 by voluntarily observing Janata Curfew after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the citizens and urged them not to stir out of their houses from 7 am to 9 pm unless there was an emergency. It was a precursor to the lockdown, which continued for several months and wreaked havoc with people’s lives and economies.
Well, did anything change? It doesn’t seem so as after a year of all the struggle, we are back in the same situation with lockdown being imposed in some cities of our country as the number of cases see a rise once again.
While we all were expecting that things would slowly fall back in place, to normalcy, and as the vaccine is here, that too from our own country, it is miserable that we all are going to where we have come from and especially when it is something that we do not want.

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