Andhra Pradesh schools to reopen on September 5th post-coronavirus outbreak; admissions begin today

The government of Andhra Pradesh has issued comprehensive guidelines that schools and parents have to follow. Only parents, who wish to enroll their children can visit schools

By Akanksha Sridhara, July 27, 2020 19:56 IST

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to reopen schools starting from 5th of September. The admission process has already begun as of today. The process is to continue for the next 40 days. Only parents can visit the school premises on grounds of the admission process. All personnel have to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.
School Education commissioner Veerabhadrudu issued the calendar of activities for the academic year 2020-21 on Saturday. He highlighted the preventive measures as well.
The year plan has classified students into three tiers. They are - students having online facilities as hi-tech, those having radio or TV (Doordarshan) as low-tech and those not having a computer or mobile phone, radio and TV (Doordarshan) as no-tech. Teachers are to plan comprehensive plans for each student. They will have to make special plans for students who have no gadgets. The guidelines prohibit online-education for pre-primary students. The teachers can, however, give suggestions to parents for a 30-minute time frame only.
Concerning online education, the guidelines are very clear. Class 1 to 8 will have classes for 30-45 mins only (2 sessions per day). Classes 9 and 10 will have four sessions of classes below the 45 mins mark. No examinations for students of Class 1 to 8; internal projects will account for valuation. For Classes 9 and 10, the school will have to follow NCERT guidelines.
The guidelines state that school managements are to provide transfer certificates to parents who wish to enrol their children in other schools. The schools are not to ask students hailing from migrant background for any kinds of identification other than their identity. Educational institutions are advised to utilize the services of interested youngsters. Teachers are to attend schools once a week as per the headmasters' orders. The rule doesn't apply to teachers having health complications, differently-abled and those from containment zones. Teachers are to contact parents telephonically to make sure students are following the curriculum.

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