Cabinet Meeting: More than 40,000 COVID tests to be done in Telangana; 10 lakh isolation kits to be kept ready

The outputs from Telangana Cabinet meeting give a ray of hope to look forward to some better days in the state

By Bhavana Sharma, August 06, 2020 00:41 IST

Telangana Cabinet meeting came to an end after huge expectations and outputs. A lot of things have been discussed in the meeting and here are some of the important points.
The Telangana government has decided to conduct at least 40,000 COVID- 19 tests every day as the number of cases in Telangana is seeing a spike with each passing day. Also, there are some labs and UPHCs which do not have enough testing kits or have several other issues. Earlier, around 10,000 to 15,000 tests were conducted in a day.
Also, in the same meeting, they have come up with an idea of keeping 10 lakh Home Isolation kits ready for all those who test positive. At the same time, they have ordered the officials to keep 10,000 oxygen beds ready across the state.
There is a shortage of doctors and nurses all over the state and keeping this in mind, the government has asked and decided to allow district collectors to hire doctors/staff on contract, where there is a shortage.
While all these things are developments about COVID-19 cases in Telangana, there is another major issue that they decided to deal with and that is the pollution being caused in the state due to cars and bikes. So, the officials have decided to promote electric bikes in the coming days.

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