China's Drama over Coronavirus is caught red-handed?

There is also a suspicion that China had already made the vaccine for coronavirus.

By Siddhu Manchikanti, March 25, 2020 14:34 IST

An interesting analysis has come to light when China alleges that the coronavirus is from America and America alleging China. Many analysts say that China's Corona play is to send foreign investors into a recession. American and European entrepreneurs are supporting this. According to analysts, before the Corona turmoil, US and European investments in China's major chemical and technology industries were more than half of their profits. As a result, China's economy is suffering. In this global economy, they cannot expel anyone. This is why China made this conspiracy. China created the virus and limited it only to Wuhan. But they declared they could not control the virus.
Foreign investors sold shares and moved out of China. As a result, the wealth of China's economy has reached Rs 1.50 lakh crore in just two days. There is also a suspicion that China had already made the vaccine for coronavirus. Analysts have shown evidence of the number of corona positive cases and recovery cases in China. In China, more than 81 thousand coronal cases have reported so far, of which 72,440 got recovered. More than 53,000 positive cases were reported in Italy, but only 6,072 cases were recovered. Many believe that the mandate may have already found the vaccine, seeing the vast decline in the number of cases in China. This is why there are no new cases in China. Iran has rejected the US declaration of medical aid as part of the war on Corona. China defended the US claim that there was a US conspiracy behind the birth of the virus. US President Donald Trump has said that China has acted too clandestinely to avoid spreading the coronavirus in it.

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