Five people in Continental hospital detected with black fungus

This disease is fatal and is seen in patients suffering from COVID-19

By Bhavana Sharma, May 11, 2021 09:33 IST

Black fungus is making headlines just like COVID-19 and people are dying because of it. This has been declared fatal and is seen occurring in people who are suffering from COVID and are taking treatment in the hospital. Gujarat and Maharashtra have recorded these cases and now, it is seen in Hyderabad as well.
Doctors at Continental Hospitals here have said they have come across five Covid-19 patients suffering from Mucormycosis, a serious fungal infection, also known as ‘ Black Fungus’.
In the past three to four weeks, five patients have been reported with this infection at Continental Hospitals, indicating a rise in the condition among Covid-19 patients in Hyderabad.
Prolonged hospitalization and continuous use of corticosteroids, which has become a standard for Covid-19 treatment, is resulting in lowering the immune system, leading to susceptibility to infections like Mucormycosis, doctors said. The infection could cause irreversible damage to organs and threaten the life of infected patients.
Swelling around the eyes, one-sided facial or eye pain, decreased sensation over cheeks, blood-stained nasal discharge are some of the symptoms of Mucormycosis infection. Such patients will be administered with antifungal drugs or a surgical debridement will be performed depending on the condition to reduce the disease burden.

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