Hyderabadis, Get ready to gaze at the Lyrids meteor shower during the nights of April 22nd and 23rd

Lyrids meteor shower is something that is going to be the special attraction during the nights in Hyderabad.

By Xappie Desk, April 22, 2020 19:08 IST

Who doesn't love to see a sky full of stars on a lazy summer night? What if there are shooting stars as well, making the experience more beautiful? Now, Hyderabadis can enjoy this surreal experience on the nights of April 22nd and 23rd. The city of Pearls is all set to witness the Lyrids meteor shower during these two nights.
The Lyrids meteor shower is an annual celestial event that usually takes place between the 16th and 25th of April. Lyrids shower is one of the oldest meteor shower witnessed by human beings. It got first observed more than 2700 years ago. The first meteor shower got recorded by the Chinese in around 687 BC. These shooting stars emerge from the trail of space debris left behind by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher. This comet got first discovered by A.E. Thatcher on April 5, 1861. This comet takes around 415 years to orbit the sun and it may appear from the earth in the year 2276.
According to the sources, this year Lyrids shower will be visible from Hyderabad during the intervening nights of April 22nd and April 23rd. Its visibility will be best between 10 PM to 4 AM IST, in the North-Eastern direction.
There is no special equipment required to witness this phenomenon. All we need is a clear sky and a lot of patience. Air and Light pollution can tamper your view. Thus, it is better if you go on to the terrace or climb a hilltop to get the maximum experience.

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