I was shocked and scared with KCR’s promises: Harish Rao

Earlier, Harish Rao proved his loyalty towards his party and KCR several times.

By Siddhu Manchikanti, December 05, 2019 17:17 IST

Once known as the ‘troubleshooter’, Harish Rao has gradually sidelined by KCR as his son takes the center stage slowly. But after witnessing a severe outrage against his decisions, KCR finally inducted Harish Rao into his cabinet along with his son KTR. KTR got appointed as the working president of the party immediately after the elections.
Now, Harish Rao made some interesting comments on KCR’s decisions regarding the TSRTC issues. Harish was the chief guest at CII's CFO conference and at this meeting, he said, that currently, his position in the government is like Chief Financial Officer.
'When KCR announced Rs 1000 crore allocations in every budget, my heartbeat skipped for a moment,' Rao said. However, he did not dwell further as it would bring unwanted controversy. Maybe in a polite and indirect manner, Harish has clarified that it is a tough task. In another few months, Harish will present the budget and all eyes would definitely on him.
Earlier, Harish Rao proved his loyalty towards his party and KCR several times. Then, Harish tried to downplay the issue by saying Cabinet expansion is purely at the discretion of the chief minister. “I am happy and will abide by KCR’s decision,” he said.
But this kind of comments from a person like Harish Rao would definitely make KCR revise his promises. Maybe Rao trying to unaffected with the decision taken by KCR as he is the one who has to face criticism if anything goes wrong in the upcoming budget.

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