Karnataka: Government withdraws funds allocated to Congress, JD(S) MLAs

By Thulasi Ram, September 11, 2019 11:20 IST

Karnataka: Government withdraws funds allocated to Congress, JD(S) MLAs
Allegations by the political oppositions the BJP has withdrawn the funds to assembly meeting represented by the Congress and JD(S) MLAs. Those reallocated by the 17 disqualified MLAs.
While many claims by the MLAs under CM’s Discretionary Grants have been withdrawn without reason.
However, Chintamani MLA JK Krishna Reddy alleged “The government has directed the district administration not to issue work orders for Rs 10 crores granted for rural areas till further orders,”
he also said, “We understand that ruling party MLAs get preference, but never in the past have sanctioned funds been withdrawn.”
In Raichur district, special funds grants by the former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy have been withdrawn. Raichur Rural MLA Daddal’s constituency was sanctioned Rs 8 crore for development works which has been canceled.
Meanwhile, 75 crores have sanctioned for Hyderbad to Karnataka Area development Board for constituencies in the region wrapped and reallocated to 17 assembly meeting by BJP MLAs...
The Board official said “These funds were allocated on July 16 when the Kumaraswamy government was hanging in the balance due to rebellion. The same amount has been allocated to constituencies of BJP MLAs.”
Law and parliamentary affairs minister JC Madhhuswamy said: “The government has not withdrawn allocation of funds but asked officials not to release them as some allocations were made irrationally by the PWD.”

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