KCR’s master plan to terminate BJP in Telangana

By Siddhu Manchikanti, July 10, 2019 13:12 IST

KCR’s master plan to terminate BJP in Telangana
After Congress has been completely demolished by BJP in Telangana, it looks like there is no competitor to TRS except BJP. And now the only alternative force is BJP for TRS. TRS president KCR seems to have been taking every possible measure in order to terminate the origination of BJP as an alternative force to it.
Currently, it looks like both the parties are in a great competition. Both have started their membership drives. This membership drive means any member enrolled under a party is identifiable and their Aadhaar Card and phone number remain in that particular party office. Earlier there were fake memberships in other political parties. However, this time there seem to be no such fake memberships.
This membership drive started with BJP’s Amith Shah himself going to a Lambadi girl's house and giving her the membership. KCR too had directed his party members through teleconference to attain at least 60000 new memberships from each constituency. BJP in the competition to has asked its workers to get at least 12 per cent of memberships.
By this, it looks like by 2023, every individual in Telangana might either be a member of BJP or TRS giving no scope for any other party. This shows how hard is BJP trying to emerge as an alternative to TRS.

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