KTR shocks Nallamala Uranium mining protestors

By Aravind Peesapati, September 16, 2019 10:28 IST

KTR shocks Nallamala Uranium mining protestors
As the protests and demands increased against the Uranium Mining project in Nallamala forest, KTR assured that he will sort out the issue by discussing the issue with CM KCR as soon as possible. This came after so many film celebrities and social activities expressed their concern on the environment. Eventually, KTR’s words in this assembly session about the mining came as a shock to the protestors.
KTR said that Telangana government haven’t had given any permission for Uranium mining in Nallamala forests. He even said that they won’t encourage such kind of projects in the future. This IT minister went on saying that KCR is a kind of person who took an initiative like planting 24 crore trees which is a never-before-happened in the entire world, and how one could expect that KCR would grant this kind of permission.
He went on saying that there is some political agenda behind these rumours. 'We can say that this project was approved under Congress’ rule and now BJP, being the ruling party at the centre is ready to start mining but we, TRS are the one who is stopping them to do so. But, we do not want to politicise the matter,' said KCR.

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